About Julia Berkeley Heck

Julia Berkeley Heck is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  She graduated from Loyola University Maryland with a bachelors degree in Studio Art. After graduating, she was hired at Ralph Lauren as a print/textile designer.  Her years at RL were enriching as she was challenged to elevate and expand her skills as an artist and designer. Her creativity thrived in this environment however, she decided to find her own expression.

In a few years, Julia’s work has evolved rapidly. Her work has been influenced by various environments found through travel and at home.  Each experience, relationship, encounter has a role in shifting  her attention. In portraits, aquatic life, landscape, a bold color palette has remained consistent.

Her fascination with energy work (healing, health and the interconnectedness of all beings and energetic systems) dominates her current work.  These concepts are reflected in both her process and aesthetic.  She works through an intuitive lens. Not imitating or interpreting but reacting to what is in front of her, around her and within her at that time.  In this detachment from a fixed subject, she has met her most coherent work.  Her paintings illustrate a pursuit for balance. The process is a dance with conflict and resolution, congestion and flow.  Pattern and symmetry are moved by fluid and expressive marks that resolve in subtle alignment.